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Psychological services shall be rendered directly through both personal contact between BIS and individuals receiving services and indirectly through contact between BIS and other persons involved with the individual. The staff would be responsible for providing therapy/training for persons with intellectual disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, and behavior disorders. Under the direction of the Director of Services, the BIS shall participate, when appropriate, in the development of written, detailed, specific and individualized habilitation program plans that provide for periodic review, follow-up, and updating.  Our staff foster therapeutic relationships with the individuals and work together as a team with strong emphasis on individualized service delivery and positive approaches. This position requires you to commute daily. 

Detail of Duties and Responsibilities: 

·    Provides psychotherapy to individuals, group and/or family therapy.

·    Conducts intake assessments, conducts psychological assessments and provides crisis management.

·    Provides clinical consultation to staff and conducts in-service training.

·    Documents all interventions and assessments and maintains client charts in accordance with quality assurance policies and procedures.

·    Attends staff meetings, case conferences, supervision meetings and in-service training as required.

·    Assists community habilitation staff with the implementation of the habilitation plan, including consultation with supervisor, other service providers, i.e. MSC and parents/advocate to interpretation of test results and other information regarding each individuals’ needs;

·    Participates with other staff regarding in-service as needed;

·    Works at the cognitive level with individuals on goal achievement, behavioral development and preparation for community integration;

·    Participates as needed in planning conferences, and other pertinent staff regarding individuals receiving services;

·    Enhances professional growth by attendance at conferences, staff meetings and trainings.

·    Carries out other duties related to the scope, function and roll of a psychologist/ABSS as requested by supervisor;

·    Provides crisis consultation, psychological counseling and therapeutic techniques with individuals receiving services and parents/advocates;

·    Maintains contact with referral agencies to provide ongoing communication between individual and agency;

·    May provide communication and act as liaison to psychiatrists to include assessment and evaluation of individuals who are enrolled or are pending enrollment per referral for crisis program.

·    Select, administer, and interpret psychological tests to assess intelligence, abilities, or interests.

·    Consult with other professionals to discuss therapies, treatments, counseling resources, or techniques, and to share occupational information.

·    Refer clients to specialists or to other institutions for non-counseling treatment of problems.

·    Provide consulting services to wavier providers, MSC, and families.

·    Advise individuals and or families on how they could be helped by counseling.

·    Serves on committees; (Human Rights)

·    Functions effectively and efficiently in a fast-paced crisis environment;

·    Works with challenging individuals (including dual and multi-diagnosed);

·    Responds to a culturally and socio-economically diverse population located within a variety of neighborhoods/settings;

·    Responds to critical incidents (including aggression, self-injuries, suicidal) to provide triage, crisis intervention, consultation to family members, and individuals;

·    Communicates effectively with clients/providers/other parties, from the initial intake contact through the delivery of appropriate interventions

Education and/or Experience: 

  • Position requires MA in Psychology; 
  • 2-3 years’ experience developing behavior assessments and interventions working with individuals with developmental disabilities.
  • 2+ years of experience in mobile crisis services, and valid driver’s license required. Bilingual; Preferred.



Other Skills and Qualifications: 

·    To have full knowledge of OPWDD, ABA, regulations & guidelines.

·    Ability to work with staff and diverse client base.

·    Ability to be flexible in work hours.

·    Ability to communicate effectively with consumers and their family members

·     Ability to react decisively and quickly in emergency situations.

·    Ability to organize and prioritize.



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